CC: Initial Ideas

After our last Creative Context lecture I have been trying to come up with a good piece to base my essay on. Up until recently I was considering the film ‘Black Swan’, 2010 but feel now after conducting some research and further thinking that this piece would not be suitable. Why? I feel this film is extremely different to anything seen before both in a good and bad way. Good because this is what the industry needs, we as an audience (well the majority of us) no longer want to see a predictable chick flick. Ok, it is nice to watch when you’re having a girly night in but there are times you have the urge to see something drastically new.

However, because this film is different by having the mentally unstable character as the protagonist we are persuaded to believe this is reality until the viewer establishes the storyline which is most likely towards the end of the film, if not the very end. I believe because of this sense of confusion and how the audience is shown the plot through this character it creates a strange double world that makes it not only hard to review in terms of rhetorics but also for the political execute.

I now am tempted to go towards something more realistic in our lives, something that takes on real and contemporary issues. Reality TV could be something to consider however this media does not necessarily take on a persuasive argument. More thought is needed until I decide of a piece of media suitable for this essay.


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