DIM: Research

I have so many piece of art and photo manipulation that inspire me so below I have displayed a few. I will only go into detail about a few I feel need to be spoken about because they vary in style.

Quirky Concepts


All the above I class as coming under the ‘quirky concepts’ category within my eye catching and inspirational gallery. I love the ideas behind these pieces and that they are simple yet effective. However there always seems to be something lacking in these types of compositions. It’s almost as if the artists need to develop the pieces every further to really accomplish something. To me, it feels as if the idea is great but the piece itself is not. Because of this I felt I needed to include some in which the style inspires me rather than the concept, (some of these pieces are features below).


‘Queen of Hearts’ by =lady-symphonia

Link: http://lisatwist.deviantart.com/favourites/46335029?offset=0#/d2qsgmv

The framing at the bottom of the piece adds more detail and brings the piece together. The use of space and colour is spot on. As well as the great artist eye there is too a story behind this piece and a character is created. This dark and edgy type of photo manipulation is very popular, and I can see why, yet I’m not sure if this is my personal style.

‘Everything I see’ by *theimagination


‘Thanks for the DD’ by ~LicoMomo

Link: http://lisatwist.deviantart.com/favourites/46335029?offset=0#/d207ihm

The two pieces above are so similar in style I keep forgetting they are by different artists. The background, colours and texture are all similar. The vibrant yet slightly muted colours are what drew me in, this is possibly the line of style I could go along with. I believe it would be different to many other people’s assignments yet whether it would make my images successful I am not sure.

‘Rain Spell’ by ~temporary-peace


The blue and red is really what makes this piece “pop”. The water flowing in also drew my attention by I feel it could have been carried out better to make it more realistic. The previous compositions along with this one have shown me not all successful photo manipulation has to relate to a dark or fantasy theme.

‘The Gathering’ by ~immanuel


I love this piece! The repetition, layout and use of light draws my eye in. The all glossy all black look with highlights adds drama and definition. Although no faces can be seen, the whole piece gives characters to each individual creating a storyline. I really like when a piece provides the audience with more than just an image but a whole background story. This is something I really would like to pursue in my composition.


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