CC: Initial Ideas

When I think of transgressive media the first and most current feature that springs to mind is overly sexual billboard images being banned near school. This new law has been features in the news fairly recently and it all came about because people had a view that was unexpected by the creator. Yes, advertising companies use “sex” to sell a product and in many cases this can be seen as a way to draw in attention however many feel the creators have gone too far and with the images being visible near schools young children are learning the wrong messages.

I used this initial idea and began research mind mapping, noting down points that came to mind that I could include. I also browsed online for any further developments. My notes from this are shown below:

Initial ideas noted down, possible points to include.

This initial idea of talking about overly sexual adverts led me to Marc Jacobs perfume advert featuring Dakota Fanning. There are many articles on this topic and I was able to do a great deal of basic research while considering this as a topic for my essay. Dakota Fanning is a 17 year old known for her role in the popular film Twilight however she featured on an advertisement promoting ‘Oh Lola!’ a perfume by Marc Jacob that was considered as sexualising a minor. With the use of airbrushing many consider Dakota Fanning to appear at around the age of 16 years and with the positioning of her dress and the bottle of perfume it has been seen as inappropriate. It will be hard not to be bias in this argument of where the liminoid lies however I believe I have a great collection of points to include in this essay that this piece of media may be the one I continue with.

An image of this advert can be seen below, it later got banned because of the transgressive, negative comments it received.

Marc Jacob's 'Oh Lola!' Advert featuring Dakota Fanning. This advert later got banned.

Photographer: Teller, J (2011)

Teller, J. (2011) Oh, Lola! [Online]. Available at:


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