CC: Theorist – David Buckingham

Buckingham, D. (2009) Guardian [Online]. Available at:

Screen shot

And extract from my essay:

‘While media can be seen as a large factor it would be irresponsible for people to believe that other issues did not play a part. By taking down adverts considered explicit (such as ‘Oh, Lola!’) there is hope that girls will not aspire to these images and sexualise themselves at such a young age. However, theorist David Buckingham studies in depth the effects media has on children and states ‘simple cause-and-effect explanations do not do justice to the complexity of the issues’ (2009). Buckingham’s views show that people would be negligent to suppose that the media is the only factor that encourages children to act in this way of sexualising themselves, although it may be one outcome promoted, the media has many positive results on children also.

‘On one hand, campaigners argue that the commercial world is corrupting childhood: it is accused of “sexualising” children, dragging them prematurely into adulthood, making them obese, disrespectful and materialistic. On the other, the marketers assert that the commercial world provides entertainment, learning, creativity and cultural experiences that children would not have enjoyed in earlier times’ (Buckingham, 2009).’

I go on from here to talk about where the liminal sits.



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