CC: Theorist – Laura Mulvey

Mulvey, L. (1996) Fetishism and Curiosity. United States: Indiana University Press.

An extract from my essay:

‘Laura Mulvey, a theorist who developed the ‘male gaze theory’ believes all women throughout media are there to be gazed upon by a male. They are there to ‘engage and seduce the spectator’s gaze’ (Mulvey 1996, p.29), ‘the female image on the screen, passive and exhibitionist’ (Mulvey 1996, p.62). This thought arises the topic of equality, if this theory proved fact every piece of media including females would encourage men to behave in a perverted manner through this rhetoric whether. Purposeful sexualisation of a female is viewed very differently than that of a male.’

I then being in Marc Jacobs’ other ad for his male fragrance ‘Bang’.


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