MPP: Research – Interactive Print

After considering interactive print I decided to research further into this as a possible option for my work. The article linked below shows a different sort of interactivity using mobile technology software I could consider.

I’ve seen this before and wasn’t overly impressed by the idea as it seemed too much hassle and time for viewers to actually use this function. I’m sure at first it would appeal but after time would become boring and too much effort for the reader as it requires a second action beyond what the viewer is already engaged with. One web user named ‘YT KO’ also agrees:

[insert user comment picture]

I wanted to expand on my research into this new digital paper. Apparently it is going into production in 2013, whether I could get my hands on any, I don’t know yet, and how much it will be also I don’t know but I am keen to look futher into it and try to actually have this in my final project. It would definately draw in attention from people to see this new invention infront of their eyes.


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