MPP: Develop Article – Cutting Edge

PLEASE NOTE: All images have been contributed to me through a collaboration with the original author. I have their permission in writing to use their images in my magazine project.

I was given some images by Madalina Loghin (a photography student in the 2nd year of my Uni).

Original Images I used:

I manipulated the images like I have never before. I simply copied and paste small sections and moved them in a direction to try and distort the original image. I wanted to distort the girls body but quite obviously for the viewer to notice. It was really an experiment, I moved the sections to try and elongate the girls legs. I also tried to enhance her original position but changing her shoulder in one and her back in another.

I really love how they turned out! Below are more than what featured in the magazine because I did some different developments and experiments.

I wanted to keep the image manipulations the focus of the piece, so I felt a simple use of white space would play a big part in my layout.

I called the piece ‘Cutting Edge’ as it related to fashion and also the design of this piece. I decided to create some typography similar to the images in illustrator. I took an existing typeface that I have used throughout the magazine and created what is shown below:


In the end I created the layouts shown below as the final piece all together:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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