MPP: Develop Article – DIY

PLEASE NOTE: All images have been contributed to me through a collaboration with the original author. I have their permission in writing to use their images in my magazine project.

Image contribution from Katie Green.

Link to Katie’s blog post about these shoes she decorated –

Original Image:


I always knew I wanted to include a DIY section at the back of my magazine and when Katie contacted me with images of these shoes she’s decorated I thought they would be perfect for this article.

I begun by cutting out the shoes in Photoshop to remove the background. I added a white and black border around them and it instantly felt a bit cartoon-like. This gave me an idea for the backdrop of the page.

I drew the image below of a mixture of stationary in vibrant colours using pencil and ‘Sharpies’. I intended to keep the colours bright and vibrant like the shoes until I brought all the elements together when the background became too over powering, therefore I altered the colours and levels again in Photoshop to a desaturated backdrop. The typography also did not feel right so I eliminated this from the illustration in Photoshop and would replace this later on with digital or a different hand drawn.

My illustration:

Following the cartoon-like theme I continued to develop the layout below:



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