MPP: Develop Article – Next GARB issue

At the back of many magazines they promote their next issue, giving you a glimpse at what you can expect to see if you bought it. Instead of doing this with writing similar to coverlines, or with an image of the next front cover, I wanted to show closeups of images, almost looking through a keyhole or blinds to a house and only seeing a small amount until the rest if revealed.

I ended up using images I hadn’t had space in this issue. Or articles I had begun to design but had been eliminated from this issue as I wanted to focus on less and make it better (rather than continue producing to a lower standard). These are articles I intend to continue to develop into another issue of GARB after this assignment. I can really see this project continuing on and on as a personal project and maybe even selling issues either digitally or printed.

I cropped the images to fit the grid and then edited the colour to give the spread an overall consistent feel and tie each block together. The blocks continue with the graphic shapes theme throughout the magazine, I really like how the visual identity is simple yet can be used in so many different ways.


Images courtesy of Madalina Loghin, Samantha Maria, Rhianna Ellis and Lisa Twist (ME).


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