CGD: Quotes

In one of our meetings we went round the room as said all the things we loved/hated about design. I collected all quotes by writing them down as we went round and we ended up with the list below:



design is a key factor in everything

design is everywhere

design you don’t realise is there, the audience just accept it

universal language

problem solving

‘graphic design can save lives’

can use a variety of media

mistake are allowed to be made

satisfaction of the final piece

as students we have the freedom to be creative

you can become absorbed in the creative process

as students on this course we are surrounded by a range of creative people

critiqued by peers

design has the power to persuade, learnt to trust good design

student discount on certain software etc.

can express through creativity



imagining what you want to produce but not sure how to go about it

thinking of a great idea then forgetting it

people don’t realise design helps the function and overall user experience

you can’t judge your own work

seeing everything through a designer’s eyes

amateurs thinking they are pro, everyone has access to photoshop

there is always someone out there better than you

overused fonts

images made from type

when your style becomes a new trend and is now seen everywhere

takeaway menus

working for free – internships, “work experience”

you need experience to get experience

students are taken advantage of, not seen as professional yet

being a student is expensive > books, materials, software

no design is ever perfect

spending a lot of time on an aspect you then loose later on through development

when your work is on display and you see a mistake

colour combinations that make you “sick”

photography is no longer point and click

seeing everything through a designers eyes > analysing everything

forced creativity > designing to a tight deadline

people who think graphic design is all digital

when you have too many programmes open your computer is so slow



From this, in a following meeting we went through and was selective of the quotes we would follow through with. People then had to choose which 3 quotes they would be illustrating. However, the quotes were still very long and did not have a consistent language, therefore I went through the quotes (both those above and those from contributors) in my own time and re-worded them. This took quite a bit of time and was a struggle when some of the quotes were so long and wordy but I got there in the end and everyone seemed grateful.


James A:

‘Perfecting a design can take a long time’
‘We have learnt to trust good design’
‘Seeing everything through a designer’s eye and over analysing’
I love being a designer but I hate being limited by a dull brief


‘I hate that as a designer you are always trying to please someone else – the audience’
‘Working with clients can be lovely, when without a budget or deadline’
‘Technology can create designers, or manufacture imitators’

‘Client feedback’
‘We have the freedom to be creative’
‘The difficulty in being original’

‘The inability to switch off from a project’
‘Genius ideas developed out of no where’
‘Designing is a highly respectable profession, to some it is therapy’

‘The end result makes up for all challenges and time’
Determination comes from the bottom and flares but there always something causing setbacks
‘Creative criticism can be painful, but there is a light shinning upon improvement’

Photo Manipulation is seen as an evil, but it is a friend of mine
‘A universal language to be interpreted by many different audiences’
‘The world of design is unlimited’
“Think outside the box” they say, as a designer I say “what can you do with the box?”
‘Design is the agony before the ecstasy’

‘Forgetting a great idea’
‘Procrastination can kill the love for a project’

James S:
‘Everything in design furthers functionality and form’
‘The culmination of experiences and outside influences can result in something totally new’
‘The client changing their mind is the designer’s fault?’
(Found this one hard to re-word…perhaps we can work on it. Original quote: ‘When the client changes their mind and blames you for doing it wrong’).

“I wish I thought of that first”
‘The variety of colour can make choosing the right one challenging’
‘All the different materials available, and the cost that comes with them’

‘Having to eliminate from the abundance of ideas’
‘You can never go wrong in design’
‘Development never stops, there is always room to improve’

‘The world looks uglier when you are in love with good design’
‘Clients can be design ignorant’


‘Clients have no idea what they want’
‘We need perfection’
‘Live on top of the design and create triangle’
‘While you are sleeping someone is taking your success’
‘Design not for the faint hearted’
‘I don’t sleep because I love this sh*t’
‘If design is not your life, then you must be no good’
‘Take risks with visionary innovation’
‘Sometimes the safer options work better’
‘People think design is not work and it should be free’
‘Apparently, design is not hard and it shouldn’t take long…so my clients say’
‘Once you know the rules, there are no rules’
‘Design kills the elderly freeing up housing for the young designers’
‘The pressure you feel to follow a set process’
‘No limit to scale or medium’
‘Design comes with a psychology degree’
‘As a designer you’re always trying to please someone else – the audience’


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