CGD: Second Spread

‘Freedom to be creative’

I love this quote as to me I felt like I literally had the freedom to be creative when designing it. Firstly I mindmapped the work freedom and came up with imagery such as birds and butterflies. I had an idea that some taxidermy butterflies could be escaping and becoming free. I did some research and found these images which really did inspire me:

I went on to do some illustrations of butterflies by tracing some photos I had previously taken on a trip to London Zoo.

Following this I took more of my photos of butterflies at London Zoo and cut them out using the pen tool in photoshop. I took a photo of my picture frame and then put everything together as shown below. I chose the typeface ‘Mensch’ because of it’s thin delicate structure. I thought about hand drawing the type but I didn’t want to draw any attention away from the other drawings.

Obviously with the concept of this piece it would make more sense if the butterflies who were free were in vibrant colours and those not were in black and white. I tried very hard to experiment with this and try and colour in the illustration both digitally and by hand, but it just didn’t have the same effect and I couldn’t achieve the look I wanted. freedom3develop

Eventually I revolted back to the original spread and I extended the quote to ‘freedom to be creative and not conform’. nHcZfxhbmnrjhbx2BarfEQNvUpBGOiD4JeDgi3LDcYU


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