CGD: Summary

The ‘Contemporary Graphic Design’ module has been a great addition to my university experience and I wish it had started from the first year. Being given the opportunity to experiment with different graphic design elements (from bookbinding to printing) and taught more technical skills (such as grid systems) has been so valuable to my education and I know I will take these skills with me further.

Taking on the group project as my submission I feel like I took a natural lead role in the team along, with a couple of others. I kept the group on track with the deadline by producing a schedule to stick to and by announcing tasks to be complete via the facebook group. I motivated the team by providing continual feedback to each individual on their spread designs and handing out tasks. I also gathered quotes and work from contributors like many other team members.

Reflecting back on the overall experience, I think the book we produce had a strong concept and some great work within. I think if we had started the project at the very start of the academic year we could of produced something that was an even higher standard.

My future goals after this project have become even stronger and clear. I do want to work in editorial design and I would love to have a lead role in a publishing company. I know that I will have to work hard and start at the bottom of the ladder but this project has enhanced my enthusiasm to strive for my goal. This group project has also given me more confidence in new possible goals. If I am unable to find a job within a company I have confidence in myself now that I can start freelance and perhaps even lead my own design agency if successful.

The lessons learnt throughout this module have been to relax and rely more on other people to do their work rather than feel the pressure to do it all myself. I have learnt and practiced more InDesign skills and also learnt how to delegate tasks and produce a publication within a team. The group has bonded more over this project and I think we’ve all really enjoyed working with each other and I can’t wait to see the final result professionally printed later today!


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