CGD: SWOT Analysis



The strengths of the group were clear, the majority of us worked very well together and were passionate about the project. It was a great team experience. Personally I felt my strengths showed through as being a natural leader, I helped keep the group organised and on track. I gave feedback to everyone on an individual and group level, also forwarding feedback gained from our tutor. I held strength in attending meetings and keeping people motivated over the Easter break by staying active on our group site (via facebook).


As expected with any group work, not everyone pulled their weight and contributed as much as expected of them. It was very clear even from the start of the project who was proactive in their work. Despite encouragement and delegation of tasks nothing seemed to alter even on the very final day we gathered to send to the printers. Personally I felt my weaknesses were in perhaps being too over ruling and bossy within the group, I was aware that I was taking a strong approach in getting tasks done and became very out spoken and as the project continued I tried to calm down and allow others to take the lead.


This project was an amazing opportunity for the group to have a book professionally printed and funded by the university. It was also the last opportunity for us to work with classmates on a project before we leave university. Personally  I saw this project as an opportunity to hold an editors role and practice my technical skills in InDesign. It also turned out to be a great opportunity to be creative in designing my spreads, and also experience to put on my CV.


The group experiences threats from external sources such as a lack of support and funding from outside businesses. This could have been seen by us as a massive negative that people do not want like our work enough to help us, but we understood it as small businesses are struggling in the current economic climate. A personal threat to me would be at interviews, I will be judged for the book as a whole including the spreads designed by others. I must take responsibility for design decisions throughout the whole book even if the interviewer does not like a spread I did not personally design.



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