CGD: Visual Research

My Pinterest boards:

I find a great deal of inspiration from Pinterest as I can go on there every now and again and quickly save the link to something I like. It is so easy to then go back through my boards when I need some inspiration.

For Contemporary Graphic Design, Chloe Cornish created a board where we could collectively gather inspiration. Although not everyone joined in the pinterest board so there was a lack of interaction we still gathered an array of images which did contribute towards our ideas.

Our Contemporary Graphic Design Pinterest Board:

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Above are a few of my “pins”.

1 – a collage, I “pinned” this because of the depth of field and texture as well as the concept ‘Design is my aeroplane’.

2 – I pinned this because of the layout, the slant really caught my attention and I thought this perhaps could be part of the visual identity throughout the book (perhaps at the start of each sections?).

3 – This 3rd one I came across and it fitted perfectly to our book concept! From this pin I could link it back to the designer Colin Harman. I contacted Colin via email and asked if he would be interested if it being in our book, he agreed and it was one of the very few contributor pieces that got put in the final book, and the only contributor from outside the university!


I did conduct research other than that online. I looked at existing books of a similar concept such as:

Alan Fletcher’s book (available in the library)

UCL yearbook – Long live the art college.

Steal like an artist – Austin Kleon

Graduation guide for design students – M. Paus


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