CGD: Workshop – The Soul

The brief:
Produce a business card that includes the quote – ‘The soul is the clinamen of the body. It is how it falls, and what makes it fall with other bodies. The soul is its gravity. This tendency for certain bodies to fall with others is what constitutes a world’.
This was a quick brief in which I only had 1 hour to develop a concept, design and print.
The result:
The quote is so long for a business card, in this respect it was challenging. My thoughts behind the concept were that the soul can not be seen, therefore I would have the meaning hidden inside the business card. On the outside simply ‘The soul…’ which could be the nickname/show name of the dancer the business card is for. The structure inside is called a maze book, which symbolises movement but also the ‘clinamen’ (falling of atoms) mentioned in the quote.
I feel my concept it extremely strong and I am proud of what I achieved in a short amount of time. This business card would be remembered by the audience as it produces an experience, it may even be something they keep for a long time (unlike many other business cards that get thrown away)

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