MME: Research – Beauty

Beauty by James Kirwan (1999)   ‘In this work, James Kirwan provides a concise history of the concept of beauty as a distinct aesthetic experience (marginalized by the rise of philosophical aesthetics in the 20th century) and offers an answer to the age-old question of what beauty is; an answer that, placing the responsibility … Continue reading

MME: Research – The Art Directors Handbook to Professional Magazine Design

The Art Directors Handbook to Professional Magazine Design by Horst Moser (2011)   ‘Contents include: • Theoretical Foundations • Practical Foundations • Covers • Logos • Inside Pages: Introduction to Inside Layout; How Not to Get Started; Typography; Explanatory Illustrations; Types of Page; Themes; Spine Design Horst Moser is a graphic designer, art director … Continue reading

MME: Research – Art Direction + Editorial Design

Art Direction + Editorial Design by Yolanda Zappaterra (2007) ‘Thousands of magazines, newspapers, and journals are launched every year, but only a handful survive. What gives these few newcomers their staying power: content? branding? design? Art Direction and Editorial Design is an accessible and comprehensive guide to visual journalism—the design of magazines and newspapers, both … Continue reading

MMRM: Research – ‘The September Issue’

While researching for my dissertation I came across a documentary called ‘The September Issue’. This film showcases the real life process of putting together American Vogue’s September 2007 issue, at the time this issue was the company’s largest ever weighing just under 5 pounds. Featuring the famous editor-in-chief – Anna Wintour along with the rest … Continue reading

MME: Develop – Structure and Layout

During the last group tutorial my tutor and I were discussing the structure of dissertations. On my poster I put my intended structure as: Title Page Introduction Content Abstract Literature Review Methodology Analysis Data, analysis and interpretation Conclusions References Appendix And, although this has been the structure we have been told to follow for our … Continue reading

MMRM: Performa and Research Poster

  So all these blog posts may come across a little daunting and a whole lot of words. It’s my way of keeping a record of the research I’ve done and where the sources of information are. For the outsider looking in it is probably easier to take a look at my final proposal sheet … Continue reading

MMRM: Literature Review

Literature Review The methodology proves it is important to look into academic work and publishing when conducting research. The chosen dissertation topic of editorial design in British Vogue and how it influences the consumer is currently not known to have been investigated, therefore, there are no sources of information that pinpoint this specific research question. … Continue reading

MMRM: Research – Theories

  Research – Theories A dissertation MUST include theory behind your findings. You must reference to theorist and their works to show the work behind your ideas, otherwise your essay is pointless. So far I have not discovered any sources that show the theory specifically behind magazine design. Whether I found a source or not … Continue reading

MMRM: Research – Editorial Design

  Research – Editorial Design To be able to understand how the audience is influences by magazine design I need to know the key points of design in an editorial piece. This is easy for me to list with the knowledge I already have being on a design degree but where I need to do … Continue reading

MMRM: Research – Vogue Magazine

Research – VOGUE Considering my dissertation is focusing on British Vogue, it is extremely important to know the topic in depth! To ensure I have a thorough understanding of the publication I have used various sources to gather information. Some of these sources are unreliable (such a wikipedia) but they give a good overall outline … Continue reading