CC: ‘Oh, Lola!’ Evaluation

I am really happy with my essay as I enjoyed researching the subject matter I chose and feel I have included a great amount of points and theory. It has shown me that when working on a piece it have to consider how others may perceive it as aberrant decoding can occur. I have also … Continue reading

CC: Theorist – David Buckingham

Buckingham, D. (2009) Guardian [Online]. Available at: And extract from my essay: ‘While media can be seen as a large factor it would be irresponsible for people to believe that other issues did not play a part. By taking down adverts considered explicit (such as ‘Oh, Lola!’) there is hope that girls will not … Continue reading

CC: Theorist – Laura Mulvey

Mulvey, L. (1996) Fetishism and Curiosity. United States: Indiana University Press. An extract from my essay: ‘Laura Mulvey, a theorist who developed the ‘male gaze theory’ believes all women throughout media are there to be gazed upon by a male. They are there to ‘engage and seduce the spectator’s gaze’ (Mulvey 1996, p.29), ‘the female … Continue reading

CC: Day 4 of writing

Today I went far more in depth about the trangression and feel my essay is a really strong piece now about the print advertisement ‘Oh, Lola!’ by Marc Jacobs. I have included several theorist such as Laura Mulvey and David Buckingham of which I will do a separate blog post about for each. I have … Continue reading

CC: Day 3 of writing

I went back to the essay today and read it through. I began with cutting back on the length to not only ensure I had enough words to include all the points I wanted, but, also to make sure the essay dealt with transgression throughout and not just at the end! I then decided to … Continue reading

CC: Day 2 of writing

Today I continued with my essay following the plan I created. After finishing for the day I read back the piece as a whole and felt the topic of transgression had not been dealt with properly yet and I was already almost half way through the essay length. I had spoken about the social goods … Continue reading

CC: Research – John Berger

As mentioned in my previous post I have previously undertaken research into Airbrushing and advertising. One author I came across while doing this was John Berger, the author of ‘Ways Of Seeing’. This book had quotes in it that were fascinating, and I keep reflecting back on. I feel his words are extremely relevant to … Continue reading

CC: Research – Airbrushed Images

Nearly all of the articles I read about the ‘Oh, Lola!’ advert being banned state that the ASA said the model looks ‘under the age of 16’ due to airbrushing. For previous projects and essays I have done work about the positive and negative sides of airbrushing and I feel research from those could be … Continue reading

CC: Research – Ariticles on the advertisement ‘Oh, Lola!’

The Telegraph Bergin, O. (2011) Telegraph [Online] Available at: Some of the passage in the article that I could use: ‘Complaints stated that the Twilight star was being portrayed in an irresponsible and sexualised manner. The ASA responded by stating: “We noted that the model was holding up the perfume bottle which rested in her lap … Continue reading

CC: Day 1 of writing

I started writing my essay by introducing the theory of trangression, I decided not to give a formal explanasion but more of a general over view in relation to my subject matter and essay to make it relevant and easily understandable to the reader. From there I went on to introduce the piece of media … Continue reading