CGD: SWOT Analysis

Strengths The strengths of the group were clear, the majority of us worked very well together and were passionate about the project. It was a great team experience. Personally I felt my strengths showed through as being a natural leader, I helped keep the group organised and on track. I gave feedback to everyone on … Continue reading

CGD: Summary

The ‘Contemporary Graphic Design’ module has been a great addition to my university experience and I wish it had started from the first year. Being given the opportunity to experiment with different graphic design elements (from bookbinding to printing) and taught more technical skills (such as grid systems) has been so valuable to my education … Continue reading

CGD: Extra Spreads

When developing the concept for this project it sparked memories of when I was producing my visual poem in the 1st year of uni. The subject matter did relate and I felt it could fit somewhere in the book, so I took my previous work and rearranged the layout to fit the new spreads. I … Continue reading

CGD: Third Spread

The third spread started as wanting to do a collage because no one else had attempted to yet in the group. I found the following piece in a magazine and felt it fitted perfectly with our subject matter. I did change the texts colour from blue to red to represent the anger. From this initial … Continue reading

CGD: Second Spread

‘Freedom to be creative’ I love this quote as to me I felt like I literally had the freedom to be creative when designing it. Firstly I mindmapped the work freedom and came up with imagery such as birds and butterflies. I had an idea that some taxidermy butterflies could be escaping and becoming free. … Continue reading

CGD: First Spread

‘I hate the difficulty I find in being original’ I instantly thought of helvetica when I heard this quote. The typeface helvetica is used so freely in design by many, it has become a type people choose if they can’t find one suitable and has developed the adaptable personality it is known for now. Therefore … Continue reading

CGD: Quotes

In one of our meetings we went round the room as said all the things we loved/hated about design. I collected all quotes by writing them down as we went round and we ended up with the list below:   LOVE design is a key factor in everything design is everywhere design you don’t realise … Continue reading

CGD: Visual Research

My Pinterest boards: I find a great deal of inspiration from Pinterest as I can go on there every now and again and quickly save the link to something I like. It is so easy to then go back through my boards when I need some inspiration. For Contemporary Graphic Design, Chloe Cornish created a … Continue reading

CGD: Workshop – Seaside Poster

The brief: To produce a poster based on the theme ‘seaside’ using the grid systems learnt in lesson. The result: I didn’t want to go along the typical route of bright colours, icecream, a beach ball, swimsuits, flipflops etc. Living by the seaside all my life I wanted to portray the fishing aspects, with the … Continue reading

CGD: Workshop – The Soul

The brief: Produce a business card that includes the quote – ‘The soul is the clinamen of the body. It is how it falls, and what makes it fall with other bodies. The soul is its gravity. This tendency for certain bodies to fall with others is what constitutes a world’. This was a quick brief … Continue reading