DIM: Production Day 5

Today I wanted to evolve my ‘Hell’ piece further by adding in the other stock images. The idea was to have these images looking as if they are coming out from the fire. The action girl would not be my ideal image to use as I wanted to have a fear factor when she infact … Continue reading

DIM: Production Day 4

I have decided to move on to start my second A4 piece based more towards ‘hell’ and the dark side of my pieces. I have performed background removals on the couldron, clock and action woman stock images. The action woman’s hair proved difficult. Using CS5 I tried using the refine edge tool but never seemed … Continue reading

DIM – Research – Stock Images – Landscape

For my ‘Heaven’ A4 piece I ideally would like a cliff for the girl to be jumping from. This cliff face should have a cave in which the Ninja stock image provided will be situated in. I understand this may be hard to come by for the exact composition I would like to create therefore … Continue reading

DIM: Research – Stock Images – Portraiture

I began to search for stock images I could possibly use in my project. I’d like to gain quite a wide variety so I can experiment along the process, if I find one image does work for me I can move on to a different one I collected. Below is a gallery of portraiture I … Continue reading

DIM: Research

Before deciding on what I would like to do for my assignment pieces I wanted to do some research into existing work. This should help me get an idea of the style I like and could be helpful when trying to put my pieces together. I started at Deviant Art to have access to a … Continue reading